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This is actually not a post.

2010-03-22 16:33:17 by Fotus9

It really isn't.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


2008-09-23 13:31:15 by Fotus9

Hi there, all folks reading my page! As you may know, if you read my last post, I'm doing a sequel to The Little Quiz, called The Bigger Quiz!

This will have 60 questions, so, if you want, but I ask you to do it, PLEASE do it: please give me questions!

FUNNY questions... the kind of questions like there are in The Little Quiz!*

Remember: One question, four possibilities of answer, only one right! As funny and difficult as you can get!



* See The Little Quiz to know what kind of questions I want. See it in my games, below this post.

The Bigger Quiz

2008-09-18 13:26:25 by Fotus9

So... I've done The Little Quiz. It was little, so I called it The Little Quiz.

Now, I'm doing a sequel, that will have the double of the questions, so it's bigger, it will be called The Bigger Quiz!

Now, all these quizzes belong to a quiz collection called The Size Quizzes.

The Size Quizzes Collection is (c) Fotus9, and also are the games included in the collection.

This collection has THREE quizzes: The Little Quiz, that is already out, The Bigger Quiz, that is being made, and the last one: The Huge Quiz.

The Little Quiz: 30 questions.
The Bigger Quiz: 60 questions.
The Huge Quiz: 100 questions.

This will be very hard... *takes a deep breath*

Anyway, The Bigger Quiz coming soon! Expect it!


The Little Quiz

2008-09-12 08:49:54 by Fotus9

The Little Quiz is now out in Newgrounds too!

I hope all of you quiz fans like it! Please vote and add reviews!

I am not a "still didn't submit anything" Newgrounds' member anymore!

But I WILL submit more things!

Thank you for your time!


The Little Quiz

Flash Progress

2008-08-16 04:13:52 by Fotus9

I apologize I have still not posted anything in Newgrounds!

Well, I have posted something, but it was so bad, and had so few views, it was removed! XD

Anyway, I'm doing two games right now. One is an Adventure Game, very simple, but with LOADS of levels. So I call it "The Unfinishable Game"! The other is kind of a stupid game, I'm not even sure I'm going to submit it HERE on NG, but I am certainly submitting it on DeviantART. So if I don't submit it here, you can see it on DA.

But none of these games are finished.

Thank you for reading!